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Girl Gnome on YouTube

garden deck 3 garden title web page

Photos of my newest Girl Gnome creation, hand made by felting wool. She takes on the adventure of the beach during crashing waves and wind, on to the garden to smell the flowers. Hope you enjoy. :O)



gnome, hand-made, heart, improvised, landscape, love, nature, wool

Amazing Gnome Meditation on the Gorge Waterway Victoria B.C.

One of many meditation videos by Amazing Gnomes, hoping to inspire the seeking of quieter places with water as the focus for flow and breath, peace and connectivity. All with a little magic :O) with a little felted amazing gnome.

Hope you enjoy this short video :O)

Walking the Gorge.
Walking the Gorge.


felted, gnome, hand-made, landscape, nature, wool

Amazing Gnomes on Youtube: meditation and more.

Currently I am starting to produce more video of the amazing gnomes as a way to document their cuteness and playful nature. Craving to animate the felted figures I am taking them to beaches and water ways, as these are the places I often meditate and always enjoy sharing with friends.

It is my hope to post many more short videos online as the days and months pass by. The act is tapping into my love for stage and story, looking forward to developing more ideas that give a diversity to gnomes – keeping it simple… thinking the weather report is next.

As far as meditation and the 3 minutes part – there is some work still to do on this idea – publishing this raw off my iphone completely unedited video was very instant feeling and final. Changing up cameras as I move through a few of these – with hopes of actually creating something one could meditate for a quick 3 minutes while on a bus or waiting for a train – help brighten the day a bit perhaps somewhere for someone would be the outrageous plan. Its a fun project, thanks for checking it out. The film part of it is dusting off an old love for the silent film treatment – where words on paper speak instead of voice, allowing for a less distracting environment – this I still have to work on. So stay tuned :O)

The second film is really a slide show, but fun to pick from the songs Youtube suggests, trying to match the timing of the photos and placing strategically a few with words to give some poetry and story to it all was really really fun. Super great practice that pointed with focus to the task at hand, and eager to break out the better cameras and put on my hiking boots to find a few new locations and story ideas to share.

felted, gnome, hand-made, heart, landscape, love, nature

Owl You Need is Love.

Almost complete a new handmade felted playscape featuring a little gnome and his friend Owl – my most favorite owl to date – so super compact from needle felting – it has a heart on its bum but you can’t see it unless you hold it upside down :O) because of Valentines Day – thought it would be good to feature the Owl in a new Gnomespiration. Makes me happy to make these things – hope you like them too.

felted with love for love is  what we need.
felted with love for love is what we need.
felted, gnome, hand-made, heart, love, wool

Hearts on Bums, Love and more Love.


HEARTS on BUMS: All about the love.

lady gnome mushroom webBlue Gnome with Love web

When designing the Amazing Gnomes, and as an artist generally, I have  a strong belief in being responsible with my creative endeavors -being  conscious of my intention – and then to share the things made  with the  world. It is always about the love. So to honor that – each handmade wool fiber felted Gnome has a heart on their bum, most mushrooms or little sculptures have the same marking. This has become a signature of sorts for my work, while sharing the love.

Thank you for reading, and being witness to my process.

Leah W. Wilson (artist)