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Felted Fibre Bowls

One of the joyful objects I get into making are the fibre felted wool bowls, they attract almost anyone with the fibre texture, bright candy colors, and dense mass of the item in hand. I always joke around “holds water for about half a second” “great for things like keys at the front door, or rings on the counter” something soft and useful.

To make the Bowl, I use a dry felting method around a form, then a vigorous wet felting, shocking the ball of wool in ice cold water at times, then when still wet, I snip it with very sharp scissors to release the form inside. Once released, I stuff my hands into the centre and wet felt again vigorously with very soapy hot water while pulling and tugging the opening of the bowl. Once pleased with the shape, I set to dry. Then, more “dry” or “needle” felting in the accenting colors – adding a design for decoration.

The needles used are very sharp, with barbs that catch at the wool in the process of stabbing the item in the  making… over and over again. It is a relatively enjoyable task to make this art, calming and delightful.  As 2017 swings into summer, I am doing the work towards starting a new business where teaching my tricks, knowledge, with ability to share with entertainment & ease for my audience.  Stay tuned, for opportunities to win amazing things if you offer me your feedback.  Gratitude in Abundance L.W.Wilson

Artist Card Orange Bowl

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Amazing Gnome Meditation on the Gorge Waterway Victoria B.C.

One of many meditation videos by Amazing Gnomes, hoping to inspire the seeking of quieter places with water as the focus for flow and breath, peace and connectivity. All with a little magic :O) with a little felted amazing gnome.

Hope you enjoy this short video :O)

Walking the Gorge.
Walking the Gorge.


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Road Trip to Kimberley B.C. and the Snowdrift Cafe

Enjoying the spring weather and taking the amazing gnomes with me where ever I go.  Taking photos and making social media content with them has become a bit of a fun adventure. Taking walks and driving a bit further down the road to get the interesting settings or just the right light – has been amazing and really sparking my interest in the media arts all over again.

I love how people are enjoying the gnomes, coffee shops are the funnest so far – the reaction people have and the interactions the gnomes have with the environment – always a photoshoot with the beans – and always a candid shot with the staff – so fun! For more pictures check out my instagram series under artistleahwilson. Its all about the gnomes :O)

There are a few pictures from the drive home… more fun and amazing gnome moments to follow, stay tuned.

Visiting the Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.
Visiting the Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.
Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.  home away from home.
Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C. home away from home.


Guess where this is...
Guess where this is…
Finding a set of amazing rail way tracks off the highway - a perfect spot for a gnomespirational photo shoot.
Finding a set of amazing rail way tracks off the highway – a perfect spot for a gnomespirational photo shoot.
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Amazing Gnomes in a Howlin’ Dan Music Video.

Ballad of Bad Owl: Completely improvised, it was one of those magic moments – we were visiting friends in Kimberley B.C., our friend Candace also felts the cutest little owls and we were having fun playing with them while Howlin’ Dan was playing music on his guitar and singing his heart out – then suddenly he started making up a song on the spot about the “Bad Owl” thankfully I had my iPhone and just started recording a video while moving the owls around to enact the words in the song… loving improvised music – and loving Howlin’ Dan and his gift with music, it was a thrill to capture this moment in time. Its really raw, funny, and fun, some content may be questionable for kids – but what the heck – it is all about being fun. Having never enacted the felted figures before like this – it was a thrill to do. The song is catchy as all that Howlin’ Dan does, his ability to improvise is amazing. A big thank you to friends who support my compulsive love for felted cuteness, and to Dan who is so supportive with his creativity. I have asked him if we can do this again someday – and the answer was yes!  Please check out his web site: https://ihowl.wordpress.com/

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Amazing Gnomes on Youtube: meditation and more.

Currently I am starting to produce more video of the amazing gnomes as a way to document their cuteness and playful nature. Craving to animate the felted figures I am taking them to beaches and water ways, as these are the places I often meditate and always enjoy sharing with friends.

It is my hope to post many more short videos online as the days and months pass by. The act is tapping into my love for stage and story, looking forward to developing more ideas that give a diversity to gnomes – keeping it simple… thinking the weather report is next.

As far as meditation and the 3 minutes part – there is some work still to do on this idea – publishing this raw off my iphone completely unedited video was very instant feeling and final. Changing up cameras as I move through a few of these – with hopes of actually creating something one could meditate for a quick 3 minutes while on a bus or waiting for a train – help brighten the day a bit perhaps somewhere for someone would be the outrageous plan. Its a fun project, thanks for checking it out. The film part of it is dusting off an old love for the silent film treatment – where words on paper speak instead of voice, allowing for a less distracting environment – this I still have to work on. So stay tuned :O)

The second film is really a slide show, but fun to pick from the songs Youtube suggests, trying to match the timing of the photos and placing strategically a few with words to give some poetry and story to it all was really really fun. Super great practice that pointed with focus to the task at hand, and eager to break out the better cameras and put on my hiking boots to find a few new locations and story ideas to share.