Playscape Magic

It has been a busy gnome making time since my last entry.

As the gnome requests are filled, and having now made hundreds of the little playful wool fiber sculptures, the playscape became an important design feature to develop. To offer a one of a kind landscape  to accompany the gnomes when in their new homes. Some playscapes that feature a cave entrance as shelter for the gnomes and woodland friends, are designed to hang on the wall as art when not being engaged in story / play time – the cave becomes a pocket for little felted friends to sleep. This was all inspired by witnessing a 2 year old playing with her felted gnome. When something takes longer than 5 hours to make by hand – no matter my ambition to let go as an artist, it always will do something to me deep inside to witness a creation rubbed furiously on the shag carpet…. little wool fibers holding strong for the most part – but still distressing to the wool. = See a need fill a need! These little sculpture creations need little lands so that little hands can play and play and then with ease can be put away. Unexpected but thrilling results, adults are playing too, and the whole felted world concept keeps growing with demand. Loving the gifts that wool offers a creative mind!

Artist Leah Wilson 4x6 2 bunny playscape