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Felted Fibre Bowls

One of the joyful objects I get into making are the fibre felted wool bowls, they attract almost anyone with the fibre texture, bright candy colors, and dense mass of the item in hand. I always joke around “holds water for about half a second” “great for things like keys at the front door, or rings on the counter” something soft and useful.

To make the Bowl, I use a dry felting method around a form, then a vigorous wet felting, shocking the ball of wool in ice cold water at times, then when still wet, I snip it with very sharp scissors to release the form inside. Once released, I stuff my hands into the centre and wet felt again vigorously with very soapy hot water while pulling and tugging the opening of the bowl. Once pleased with the shape, I set to dry. Then, more “dry” or “needle” felting in the accenting colors – adding a design for decoration.

The needles used are very sharp, with barbs that catch at the wool in the process of stabbing the item in the  making… over and over again. It is a relatively enjoyable task to make this art, calming and delightful.  As 2017 swings into summer, I am doing the work towards starting a new business where teaching my tricks, knowledge, with ability to share with entertainment & ease for my audience.  Stay tuned, for opportunities to win amazing things if you offer me your feedback.  Gratitude in Abundance L.W.Wilson

Artist Card Orange Bowl

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Needle Felted Fibre Art “WORKSHOP” @ the 2017 Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival

Amazing Gnomes is excited to offer a special event mini-workshop on Needle Felting wool into little cute critters @ the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival at the Wynndel Hall on April 22nd 2017.

Pre-registration is required – space is limited. You can bring your own supplies (kits will also be available).

Join Artist Leah Wilson who will be teaching  her “wool fibre sculpturing process” with special tips on how to hold the needles, how to work the wool fibre, what needles to use, and the sculpture techniques used to achieve the soft & gentle, Cute Little Bunny 2017.

little bunny workshop promop2Introducing through demonstration and guiding hands instruction, the secrets behind wool fibre needle felting are revealed through learning how create this new “Cute Little Bunny”.

Other workshop topics and “kit” demonstrations available are the “Mushroom” & “Soft Playland” for beginners to advanced. Once created thee “land” play home to a variety of soft & little cute woodland critters, like the  “Little OWL”(featured last year).

Each kit offers a useful technique to practice – with printed notes (with diagrams) on how to hold the needles & basic sculptural & character building techniques. Along with a few needles and a sponge as a safe place to work wherever you go.

visit www.kootenayfirefest.com for more information about the whole event.

To pre-register for this AMAZING mini-workshop at the festival: IN PERSON: visit Fly In The Fibre @139 – 1oth Avenue Creston, or call Carmen Ditzler (of Bad Duck Caramel) @ 250-866-5688 or email ditzmall@ gmail.com

(*or click on this link): https://www.kootenayfibrefest.com/mini-workshops

“The Kootenay Fibre ARTS Festival on April 22nd, has me all excited about sharing all my little tricks & special tidbits on needle felting cute little critters. Giving my love for fibre a new “zing” and that just makes it more fun!”

This year  at the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival I will be down in the basement of the Wynndel Hall in… the community of Wynndel just around the corner going towards the lake from Creston BC.  Once done the mini-workshop THERE IS still time to explore the hall itself – for it will be brimming with wool & fibre related vendors of all sorts, demonstrations galore – AND MORE hands on experiences to be had.

Supplies required for the mini-workshop (prep’d kits are available): white or natural clean roving, regular wool fibre for felting – for the eyes: a little bit of black or dark brown, for the body: bunny colors in little bits like tans or browns, some soft pink for inside the ears, a bit darker pink for the noe… or any other colors for dressing your cute “little bunny”.



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Playscape Landscapes

As the gnome requests are filled, and having now made hundreds of the little playful wool fiber sculptures, the playscape became an important design feature to develop. To offer a one of a kind landscape for the gnomes to play in has become most enjoyable as each are so unique. The playscape initially was to offer a safe place for the wool sculptures to play without distressing the fibers too much. Some playscapes that feature a cave entrance as shelter for the gnomes and woodland friends, are designed to hang on the wall as art when not being engaged in story / play time – the cave becomes a pocket for little felted friends to sleep. The mushroom circles and houses are very popular and a joy to make. I am now designing a tree stump house that folds out and will act like a portable toy when all closed up. So exciting – when complete will post pictures :O) find more on my instagram account under artistleahwilson.

wizard gnome playscapewizard gnome with owlmushroom circle playscapeplayscape in the studio 1playscapes on displaybunny with woodland tree playscap unedited

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Motorcycle Meditation Maintenance & Amazing Owls

Making Wool Felted Owls is so rewarding, what a joy these compact little birds are. Each is so different yet so much the same, it all starts the same… a ball, some wings and tail feathers….  the little details really pop – loving the color combinations and simple expressions and powerful cuteness.

These images are from the latest photo-shoot at Flickering Goddess in Crawford Bay, B.C. – Instagram account: artistleahwilson follow for more felted emporium updates:O)

As a multidisciplinary artist who is sculpting wool, photography and the art telling story through media really came to life with this new project:

Motorcycle Meditation Maintenance and Amazing Owls

Who- are You? Who - Who??

great mystery book title...

Bird on the Move.

Its Owl in Perspective.
Owls got a ticket to ride, with Flickering Goddess reflecting  – in the sun, how fun!

Fairy Owl Friends

with Fairy Friends
Owls on the Wing
owls in deep thought
owls of deep thought

August Owl 1