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Gnome, Fox, & Bunny

2016 has started off with a few new felted friends sporting more complex color layering concepts to give a bit more depth and development of character. Using wool and other natural fibers of different softness textures gives the item touch-ability, like the hint of silk fibers on that soft bunny belly.  Inspired by cuteness.

felted, fun, gnome, hand-made, love, nature, owl, playscape, wool

Playscape Landscapes

As the gnome requests are filled, and having now made hundreds of the little playful wool fiber sculptures, the playscape became an important design feature to develop. To offer a one of a kind landscape for the gnomes to play in has become most enjoyable as each are so unique. The playscape initially was to offer a safe place for the wool sculptures to play without distressing the fibers too much. Some playscapes that feature a cave entrance as shelter for the gnomes and woodland friends, are designed to hang on the wall as art when not being engaged in story / play time – the cave becomes a pocket for little felted friends to sleep. The mushroom circles and houses are very popular and a joy to make. I am now designing a tree stump house that folds out and will act like a portable toy when all closed up. So exciting – when complete will post pictures :O) find more on my instagram account under artistleahwilson.

wizard gnome playscapewizard gnome with owlmushroom circle playscapeplayscape in the studio 1playscapes on displaybunny with woodland tree playscap unedited

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Amazing Gnome Meditation on the Gorge Waterway Victoria B.C.

One of many meditation videos by Amazing Gnomes, hoping to inspire the seeking of quieter places with water as the focus for flow and breath, peace and connectivity. All with a little magic :O) with a little felted amazing gnome.

Hope you enjoy this short video :O)

Walking the Gorge.
Walking the Gorge.


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Road Trip to Kimberley B.C. and the Snowdrift Cafe

Enjoying the spring weather and taking the amazing gnomes with me where ever I go.  Taking photos and making social media content with them has become a bit of a fun adventure. Taking walks and driving a bit further down the road to get the interesting settings or just the right light – has been amazing and really sparking my interest in the media arts all over again.

I love how people are enjoying the gnomes, coffee shops are the funnest so far – the reaction people have and the interactions the gnomes have with the environment – always a photoshoot with the beans – and always a candid shot with the staff – so fun! For more pictures check out my instagram series under artistleahwilson. Its all about the gnomes :O)

There are a few pictures from the drive home… more fun and amazing gnome moments to follow, stay tuned.

Visiting the Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.
Visiting the Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.
Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C.  home away from home.
Snowdrift Cafe in Kimberley B.C. home away from home.


Guess where this is...
Guess where this is…
Finding a set of amazing rail way tracks off the highway - a perfect spot for a gnomespirational photo shoot.
Finding a set of amazing rail way tracks off the highway – a perfect spot for a gnomespirational photo shoot.