About the Artist

Leah W. Wilson.

Creating works through many mediums over the years, acrylic on canvas, drawing,  ink, printing, sculpting, collaging paper, fabric, giant puppet and backdrops for theatre. Recent works have been described as colorful, vibrant, & abstract, but mostly …. CUTE!

Felting Wool is as a preferred medium…. a place to make playlands, and never-never-land’s, magical cuteness, mushroom houses, and little people and critters. When felting little sculptures (tapping into the concept of miniature), I am compelled as an artist to “always” consider my larger body of work, to constantly document the process. Most important is to keep consistent by creating a constant number of Gnomes for exhibitions and consignment displays. The Gnomes (ever since the beginning) have been the “flagship” muse in all this needle felting fibre art. Happily a difficult task to keep in stock – as the Gnomes are often the fastest of all the critters to fly off the shelves, and onto other adventures.

Artist statement: Leah W. Wilson (Kootenay Lake B.C. Canada)

As an artist it is always important to me – as a responsibility to my skill set – to create something amazing that others feel captivated by: to experience an emotional connection with the art, to feel something unique worth sharing.

My traditional means of creating art would be through mediums like acrylic paint & canvas, building sculpture, collaging, crafting multiple mediums together. To more modern mediums such as digital design & illustration, with aspirations towards film and further exploration of digital media.

Felting was first more of a discovery and exploration into a more ancient craft than a pursuit into the fibre arts. Until one day, I started applying it to sculpture and felt-painting – by using the same set of practices I would with the fine traditional arts – this is amazingly tactile medium is just as amazing as the gnomes themselves.

(for more about the artist click:  https://artistleahwilson.com/about/

Then… Taking my love of photography, humor, and the cuteness of gnomes, and the little sculptured critters is fun and rewarding – making those photos into a Gnome Motivationals I am calling Gnomespirations can  sometimes very entertaining.

Enjoy, and may the love of Fibre and the art of making things be in abundance. Thank you for visiting. Please share.



4 thoughts on “About the Artist”

    1. You could have a gnome of your own, I could felt you one 🙂
      Thank you for the comment Pamela, every click and every contact online helps my web site grow in interest to others – keeps it fresh and happening. If your not tired of gnomes yet, please share this with your friends – I am at the beginning stages of my online marketing – and the attention this web site and my fb page will count huge once my Etsy store is up and running – its all about being active :O) in life and on line :O)


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