2017 Needle Felting Workshops

So excited as Needle Felting opportunity is in abundance as I have been asked to return again to the Kootenay Fibre Festival happening in April at the Wynndel Hall just outside of Creston, So excited – for they have asked me to provide a bit more of an in depth learning experience for those who sign up get – more time- to have studio instruction. I have moved forward with plans to develop a “built it yourself” Kit to be available everywhere I go online or inperson.  Through this process am learning so much, (as an artist) (and an instructor). All the time asking “what will it take to make a success kit for the new fibre artist to feel inspired to complete and feel good about”.  This has attracted more opportunity as just last week meeting with Mel Joy owner of Fly In The Fibre in Creston BC, the workshop schedule has me slotted for the first and last sunday. Wowee! May the wool be with us, and good things happen. Needle Felting has become this really special part of my life, now thrilled to share the skill with everyone else :O)

fibre felted doll


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