felted, gnome, hand-made, improvised, music, owl, video, wool

Amazing Gnomes in a Howlin’ Dan Music Video.

Ballad of Bad Owl: Completely improvised, it was one of those magic moments – we were visiting friends in Kimberley B.C., our friend Candace also felts the cutest little owls and we were having fun playing with them while Howlin’ Dan was playing music on his guitar and singing his heart out – then suddenly he started making up a song on the spot about the “Bad Owl” thankfully I had my iPhone and just started recording a video while moving the owls around to enact the words in the song… loving improvised music – and loving Howlin’ Dan and his gift with music, it was a thrill to capture this moment in time. Its really raw, funny, and fun, some content may be questionable for kids – but what the heck – it is all about being fun. Having never enacted the felted figures before like this – it was a thrill to do. The song is catchy as all that Howlin’ Dan does, his ability to improvise is amazing. A big thank you to friends who support my compulsive love for felted cuteness, and to Dan who is so supportive with his creativity. I have asked him if we can do this again someday – and the answer was yes!  Please check out his web site: https://ihowl.wordpress.com/


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