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Foxy Fox and Friends

In the beginning of the amazing gnomes project (around the tenth gnome) is when the foxy fox challenge began for me. The gnomes were designing themselves it felt like at that point and my mind and hands needed a challenge to keep them feeling fresh – a new 3D felted sculpture design was needed. I knew then that I would be making the 50 gnomes for Santa – my deadline looming in early December. It was important not to get bored in doing the making – for doing something over and over again..can be boring.  Along came the idea to challenge my felting skills and make a fox (she took exactly 10 hours to make in total).  Looking online for inspiration I found many felting craftspeople were taking on the Felted Fox design challenge. Measuring my creations against some of the works of other felters who I admire has helped me achieved my goal –  I am still interested and not bored and very fond of making the little foxy fox and all her gnome friends even after the Santa 50.

The plan is to make many foxy foxes – a character destined to be an ongoing amazing gnome friend, a regular on the show, and eventually to be a toy up for sale – for now though this little foxy fox is my muse when the challenge is not so present – she is my mascot, and the gnomes have a little fox friend – very important I figure from reading stories of their woodland nature and gift with wild animals. :O) More little animals on the way.

What does the fox say webamazing gnomes web 2


2 thoughts on “Foxy Fox and Friends”

    1. Thank you so much! I am loving what is going on I just can’t stop. Soon – as soon as I can get my iphone up to date – I can start posting videos and creating little skits for youtube… really going for an international splash – so far I have one fan from Australia and one from the UK that is outside of Canada – and it has only begun. Having to reduce the amount of screen time so I have time to make more felted little guys. Love you! And thanks for commenting – every hit – every click – every comment counts :O) Its kinda like a game – the social media marketing game.
      What is your schedule like in February? thinking of taking a winter drive your way….
      Love :O) Leah


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