Gnomes and Owls

Before the gnomes – meaning a week before I started making the first of the Amazing Gnomes, I was needle felting owls, 10 owls all at once. For it was my ambition and task to make a cute owl (my owls of the past have been more scary that cute to be honest). Everywhere I went it was the success of the crafting wool fiber felting artisan to make owls – and I was always a little hard on myself that my owls were not as cute as others were able to make… I figured it was because I had not made enough owls obviously – and to find the cute spot in the process more owls would be required – so I sallied forth into the world of the felted  owl.

Once half way to being done the 10, I started to see the cute developing,  and to be honest they looked lonely on the work table when finished – lonely but cute.  Perhaps not the kind of cute that everyone loves, those big bugging eyes and round little plump yet firm bodies, the little orange beak on a purple and yellow white body, the cute was compounded by adorable once held in the hand… and in the end, their design has my stamp of approval and since then have made many more – keeping with the same design – and people seem to love them just as much as I do… these will not be my only owls ever – however. I have pledged in honor of their inspiring me to find them a companion (the Amazing Gnomes) to take on other attempts – different design ideas with different color combinations -in order to find the variety of cute the owl can bring me to felting.

wp Gnomes wiht Owls20141116_142632


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