50+ Gnomes for Christmas

In mid November of 2014 I was approached by a friend who also was connected to Santa and part of the group organizing our community Christmas Potluck Party, asking if I could create 50 Gnomes so Santa could give each child in attendance one as a gift. I was amazed at the honor and instantly inspired to take on the task…. little did I know what it would mean to make 50. I had only ever made 10 gnomes at that point in time, the process was slow, (it takes a long time to hand felt anything), the process was still new to me. So eventually enlisting the assistance of my life partner Dan was needed, who was a trooper by felting side by side with me at the 11th hour for 18 hours straight. Another 5 volunteers from the Christmas party sat around our kitchen table for most the last afternoon before the party day – felting on the little red hats and colorful cloths to help production meet the deadline with success. All a learning experience and as stressful as the deadline was in the end – worth it for sure.

Many things have come out of this: a) I still love making the gnomes even after making a massive amount all at once. b) I can now make a hand felted gnome from start to finish in under 6 hours (used to take a day and half). c) I can teach others how to do this well. d) I really like social environments when felting – and seem to be more productive when people are around (for those that do not know me – we live very remote so I do not see many people very often as it is). and last but not least, d) I feel a huge sense of gratitude for the opportunity, for without it, I may not be so into this as I am now, the joy that fills my heart when I hear the stories from the parents of children who received a gnome from Santa is beyond any feeling I can recall in relation to any creative endeavor. and finally…. e) ever since then I have had so many people want more, I have been busy making gnomes ever since. So a big shout out of Thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the community Christmas Potluck Party and Santa, hugs and love to my partner for being so great at felting and being willing to sacrifice so many hours usually used towards his own art production, and to all who love them as much as I do. thank you.



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