Gnome Place LIKE Gnome

Natural Wool Fibers felted into Gnomes and other amazing miniature sculptures is my new exciting form of expression.Gnome Place LIKE Gnome4x6 Gnome with Owlsgnome icon 1


3 thoughts on “Gnome Place LIKE Gnome”

  1. Good start on the website, Leah! Your attitude of gratitude shines forth in your words and your playful creativity in the felted characters. But where is that lifelike little fox? Bring him out of his foxhole! Anna Rose


  2. Success in my foxhunt – I see him in the sidebar photo dated January 3rd! Which I can view even without facebook, thank you. All the best to you in your new venture. Anna Rose


    1. Hi Anna Rose, hope this finds you doing great. Thank you for the comment, every click and every comment helps my web site grow in interest to others. I have posted more pictures of foxy fox and written a little blog about her. I hope to have made her a twin by the end of the weekend – more foxy fox’s for everyone. :O) Thank you for the support. Good to have your email address.
      Love and light,


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